Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are essential components of your business security system, screening all website traffic inbound and outbound and blocking hackers from breaking in. A WAF may take the form of either cloud-based services or network appliances.

StackPath offers a cloud-based WAF, edge services, and DDoS protection solution, saving small businesses the expense of having physical hardware on site.

Indusface AppTrana

AppTrana provides a managed cloud WAF solution that detects and protects web-based applications and websites against DDoS attacks, with tightly integrated scanner and firewall modules providing continuous learning to increase detection and protection efficacies.

Advanced rules are fine-tuned and monitored closely to eliminate false positives, while its dedicated security team monitors traffic 24/7 to protect against sophisticated application-based DDoS attacks.

The platform protects over 2000 customers with a fully managed SaaS security service that integrates web application scanners, WAFs, DDoS mitigation services and bot mitigation tools as well as malware tracking to block malicious IP addresses without disturbing legitimate user experiences.


StackPath is an all-in-one solution designed to speed up websites globally while protecting from online vulnerabilities. It includes both a secure CDN and cloud WAF in one convenient package. In addition, its robust reporting allows users to customize standard policies.

StackPath was built at the edge of the Internet to deliver infrastructure and services closer than hyperscale cloud service providers, serving customers from Fortune 50 enterprises to one-person startups with latency-sensitive applications or content quickly and reliably.

Security features of its platform include a WAF that protects against SQL injection, XSS attacks and other threats; its monitoring feature detects suspicious activity while challenging visitors with captchas to prevent automated attacks; both features provide valuable layers of defense for online businesses.


Sucuri is a website security platform offering comprehensive protection from attacks and mitigating existing ones, such as CDN services, malware scanning, hack repair capabilities, DNS monitoring services and file change detection features.

They offer an expansive knowledge base and resources that help you understand the latest threats and best practices for protecting your website. Their security products are easy to set up, including a DNS-level firewall which redirects traffic before sending it onward.

Fortinet FortiWeb

Protects web applications and APIs against known and unknown exploits with advanced multi-layered and correlated detection methods, including blocking OWASP Top Ten attacks as well as zero-day threats, such as bots, data harvesting, credential stuffing attacks or automated attacks from botnets. Also helps organizations detect good bots while tracking behavior over time.

FortiWeb integrates seamlessly into the Fortinet Security Fabric and shares threat intelligence bi-directionally with FortiGate enterprise firewalls, FortiSandbox sandboxing solutions and automated security workflows and processes to reduce response times to application attacks, while meeting compliance requirements more quickly.

F5 Essential App Protect

Essential App Protect is an active security solution designed to safeguard web-facing applications against various attack vectors. Featuring a probability-based rating system that automatically evaluates and mitigates attacks before they reach the server, Essential App Protect provides peace of mind when browsing or uploading applications online.

With its modern user interface and open API, DevOps pipelines can quickly become part of its operations. All configuration can be defined through one single JSON template that can easily be updated with just a few clicks or API calls.

Essential App Protect is built to operate across a global data plane, so that it can be placed close to your apps and Kubernetes deployments for minimal latency. Plus, its efficient event-driven design requires less CPU resources for traffic processing.

Imperva Cloud

Imperva Cloud offers effective defense against application layer attacks with minimal performance impact, through dynamic application profiling and correlated attack validation that detects attacks quickly. Furthermore, Imperva enables administrators to swiftly respond to threats quickly by minimizing false positives.

Imperva Cloud provides comprehensive graphical reports to help organizations assess security status and demonstrate compliance with standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and FISMA. It integrates with SIEM systems for event export and central reporting; plus its 24×7 follow-the-sun support ensures uptime and speedy resolution of customer cases.


Prophaze is a managed Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service solution, providing web traffic analysis and protection from cyber threats for websites, microservices, APIs and API gateways. With automated security updates and threat intelligence from various sources available to it – as well as reduced response times to incidents – Prophaze provides total visibility into website activity monitoring.

Solution provides comprehensive application layer security and protection without requiring complex infrastructure or dedicated security teams, automating many manual processes and providing increased visibility into website traffic activity.