How To Downgrade Cox Internet? (Explained)

It can be hard to choose the right internet package. It is possible to downgrade an internet package if it doesn’t meet your needs and preferences. This article will help you to downgrade Cox internet.

How to Downgrade Cox Internet

How can you downgrade the Cox Internet package?

You can easily downgrade your Cox internet. It can also be quite frustrating. This is because although the Cox website may have a link to upgrade, it does not offer a link for downgrading. You will need to speak to customer service agents.

You will need to call during the Cox Internet Billing Support hours. You can find the official timing information on the Cox website.

Moving on to the Retention Department

First, billing support will likely pursue you if you call them. But that is not something you can allow to happen. In this instance, you must be intelligent and strong-headed. You must be able to communicate your strong points and make them listen. After you have done that with the regular billing support agent they will direct your to the retention department.

The retention staff are likely to have a lot of knowledge, so you should be honest and forthright about your preferences. If they agree with you (and you make an impression with your negotiation), they may lower the rate or degrade the plan.

Things to Keep in Mind

Cox Internet spends a lot of money to attract new customers, even though you may be frustrated by the subscription plans and the neve ending surcharge. They wouldn’t want customers to abandon their plans. They will do everything possible to keep you there, including downgrading your service.

They won’t give you everything, so negotiate. Remember that vague and false threats are futile when you negotiate. Make valid points, because that’s the way negotiation will work. Don’t let emails get in the way of negotiations, so keep it a phone call.

Don’t forget to leave out the online forms. Negotiating over the phone works best (faster, more effective communication, remember?

Dealing during Negotiation

We know negotiation can be daunting, but you don’t need to let that stop you from saying the right things. Below are two ways to get the desired results.

  • First, you can choose the cutthroat approach. In this case, you must be firm (not rude). Respect is important and you should not be rude.
  • The second option is to threaten leaving the service (obviously, this is a hollow threat, but it works for 80% of cases so it’s worth trying!

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