Many computers and mobile devices come equipped with built-in antivirus protection, but that alone may not provide enough defense from threats to your device. To provide complete protection, the best computer scan software also includes additional useful security features.

Bitdefender stands out as a top pick, offering 100 percent malware detection rates and an extensive array of features. Other viable choices include Webroot Secure Anywhere small footprint offering fast scans, smart firewall monitoring capabilities and more.

1. Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free is an ideal solution for anyone seeking comprehensive malware protection and security tools, boasting superior malware detection rates, an easy and user-friendly interface, transparent company practices and reasonable prices.

Kaspersky offers an impressive suite of scan and configuration options, such as customizing schedules, removable drives scanning, and vulnerability scanner. The latter feature stands out for detecting out-of-date applications or software which might expose users to malware attacks.

Note that Kaspersky caused controversy in 2017 over its supposed links to Russia, yet since then has worked to demonstrate their reliability – for instance by offering transparency initiatives such as their source code disclosure program and threat detection rules.

Notable features of Norton Secure Web Monitor for Chrome include its dark web monitor that alerts you of breaches in your personal information such as email addresses and credit card numbers; its on-screen keyboard prevents keyloggers from collecting logins and passwords; its password manager feature (which Norton Premium plan offers at an even more attractive price point); I only wish this feature existed at an even lower cost point!

2. Adaware Antivirus

As computers are now used for everything from helping students learn, monitoring patients in hospitals and controlling critical manufacturing processes; cybersecurity software like Adaware Antivirus has become even more essential to keeping computers secure. Adaware provides multi-layered protection that keeps computers safe.

This company’s flagship product boasts an expansive feature set and top scores from numerous independent lab tests. I conducted my own test with a folder full of viruses and malware; both quick and full scans identified everything; I especially appreciated that you can adjust scanning speed accordingly to prevent performance impacts.

The interface of this tool is user-friendly and user-friendly; all features are easily identified via icons, so executing either a full scan or custom scan requires only a click. Furthermore, real-time web monitoring and advanced network protection help detect intrusion attempts with real time monitoring of web browser sessions as well as blocking malicious intrusion attempts through advanced network protection features such as game mode to eliminate alerts during gaming sessions, file shredding to permanently delete sensitive files, network drive scanning as well as webcam protector functionality are among other useful features that exist as useful features; one year licenses for single devices starts at $15 while five devices can cover five years under their respective options with five year licenses at $70 respectively.

3. Avira

Avira Antivirus Free Edition is a highly-acclaimed free antivirus suite with excellent malware detection rates and many additional features, such as ransomware protection, password manager, VPN access, system analyzer and optimization tools. Furthermore, Avira scores well in real-world protection tests from AV-Comparatives while offering exceptional support services through 2023.

Avira offers an attractive interface and numerous premium features not available to many competitors, including built-in VPN, software updater that will keep all programs up to date, privacy tool to protect digital data against hackers, as well as effective malware detection that ranked well in AV-Comparatives lab tests. Its malware detection rankings don’t match up as highly with those offered by rival products.

Avira Prime, its premier plan, features a password manager, VPN, Phantom Pro, an eGPU optimizer, system tune-up tools, secure file shredding functionality and much more. Furthermore, this suite also offers web protection, mail protection and anti-ransomware protection against ransomware threats – offering great value at just one of the cheapest full security suite prices available – with Avira being located in Germany where personal data protection laws are some of the strictest in existence.

5. Kaspersky

Kaspersky offers excellent malware detection rates and provides a host of useful features in its software, making it one of the easiest solutions to use and understand. Users will appreciate its user-friendly nature with easy explanations and an intuitive dashboard allowing for privacy-enhancing options at the click of a button.

Scan for malware on any folder, file or partition with ease; schedule full, quick or selective scans at specific times during the day – including removable drives and application vulnerability scans – plus take advantage of special features like gaming mode which pauses notifications and scans during gameplay.

Kaspersky software does have some issues, however. One controversy stems from allegations claiming it has links with Russia – hence why it was banned on government computers – however Kaspersky denies these allegations and has taken steps to rebuild user trust by moving its data centers from Russia to Switzerland and creating the Global Transparency Initiative which allows governments and companies to review source code as well as data collection practices and whitelist apps.

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