8 Ways To Fix Cincinnati Bell Slow Internet Speed

Cincinnati Bell is known for providing the fastest internet connections. It has been quite frustrating with their internet speed. The broadband has not been able to deliver the fastest speeds. The problem could be caused by many factors. You have most likely not properly placed your internet equipment and the problem may be with your broadband.

If you continue to experience sudden drops in internet speed, contact Cincinnati Bell broadband. It has been proven that users experience problems due to a variety of other factors.

This article will provide deep insight on troubleshooting methods that can effectively eliminate slow internet problems. These troubleshooting steps have been tested 100% with the benchmark.

What is Cincinnati Bell?

Cincinnati Bell, a trusted telecommunications company, provides high-quality services throughout Ohio and Cincinnati. The company offers a wide range of services including telephone, television, and wireless internet to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. Internet connections are available via ADSL broadband, dial up, and Fibre Optic cables. Cincinnati Bell is also a leader in mobile phone services.

These are effective steps to speed up slow internet connections for users who have experienced slow internet speeds.

How to Troubleshoot Cincinnati Bell Slow internet Speed?

These troubleshooting steps will help you find a long-term solution.

Speed Test:

A speed test can help you determine if your internet connection is slow. A speed test can help determine if the problem is with their internet connection or their Wi Fi slowdowns.

It is recommended that you conduct the speed test with a wired internet connection. Why? Because speed results are more accurate and take less time.

Restart your Device:

Restarting your device is a great way to save time and avoid major problems. After restarting your device, disconnect the internet connection. If that fails, you can continue to test.

Replace your Modem or Router:

Poorly placed routers or modems can cause a drop in internet speed. It is not always a Cincinnati Bell network problem. You can place your router in a higher spot so that signal reaches every corner of the house.

After Cincinnati Bell’s service providers have installed your router in your home, do not alter its position.

Avoid Interference:

Concrete and other interfering objects can cause problems. Avoid putting your router in contact with concrete or other obstructive surfaces. You should place your router so that the airflow flows freely and that it doesn’t get too hot. These physical barriers can be more harmful than any other factor to your internet speed.

Upgrade to Old Versions of Software:

We are often tangled up with slow internet connections and don’t realize that older versions of software could be the problem. Older versions of software won’t allow you to enjoy fast internet speeds no matter how much money you spend. We recommend that you upgrade your software as soon as possible.

Replaces Outdated Devices:

You won’t be able to surf the internet fast if your devices and systems are out of date. Switching to the most recent devices is a good idea to get the best internet speed.

Wired Internet Connection:

In fact, wired internet connections are much more efficient than wireless. This is why? Because they are closed to your device via an Ethernet cable. Switch to Ethernet for faster internet speeds

Disconnect Multiple Devices

Your internet speed can be affected if you connect to multiple devices using a single broadband provider. Your internet speed can be slowed down by distributing internet connections to multiple devices. You should disconnect any devices that aren’t being used from the internet.


These troubleshooting tips are extremely helpful for troubleshooting Cincinnati Bell’s slow internet. If none of these solutions work, you can always call their broadband support for more information.

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