Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security solution used to defend online applications against attacks. This tool monitors traffic coming to and from web servers to identify any attempts by attackers to deny service or steal data, blocking attempts made from either direction. A WAF may be implemented either physically or electronically depending on its deployment mode.

Sucuri is a cloud-based WAF that provides both protection and DDoS blocking capabilities, along with transfer optimization features and an intuitive user interface for effortless administration and use.


AppTrana by Indusface is an all-encompassing web application firewall designed to defend against DDoS attacks, botnets and zero-day threats. Features of AppTrana include DDoS mitigation, WAF-as-a-Service CDN integration live analytics – plus advanced threat detection and response services for extra peace of mind.

This solution combines automated scanning and premium manual penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities. Additionally, it provides a secure yet user-friendly platform for managing WAF rules, while being capable of detecting DDoS attacks without negatively affecting site performance.

Docker and Kubernetes are two modern tech stacks supported by WAF. Its graphical reports make it simple to understand your website’s security status, while its scalable architecture protects against cross-site scripting, SQL injection, remote file inclusion and other OWASP threats. Furthermore, its central admin console enables you to centrally manage multiple WAF instances at the same time.


StackPath provides organizations with a security platform to address cybersecurity threats. The system combines mission-critical web services for optimal protection while offering massive scalability and global reach.

StackPath (formerly NetDNA and MaxCDN) offers distributed computing power that helps websites load faster while lowering bandwidth costs. Their CDN offers various features, including intelligent caching, 301 redirects, and Gzip compression for optimal results.

StackPath’s edge computing platform includes virtual machines, containers, CDN and WAF to develop latency-sensitive apps and workloads more rapidly and reliably. Their global network is protected by secure private network fabric management ensuring easy deployment. Visitors to 5G tech, IoT Tech Expo AI Big Data Expo Cyber Security Cloud Expo can learn more about StackPath solutions at the edge computing booth co-located alongside them.


Prophaze provides WAF as a Service that protects applications and APIs against multiple types of threats and attacks, such as DDoS attacks, brute force scraping bots, exploit bots, API abuse bots, bots that exploit APIs abuse bots as well as logic manipulation attacks and data theft. Prophaze offers WAF as a Service so your applications and APIs remain protected against DDoS, brute force scraping attacks as well as vulnerabilities like logic manipulation or data theft – providing greater peace of mind when managing them and their environments.

This software employs Adaptive Profiling and Behavior-based Machine Learning techniques to safeguard web apps, mobile backend apps, APIs from cyberattacks. The intelligent threat engine correlates, analyzes, identifies and blocks malicious requests before they reach your servers – this also reduces bandwidth on origin servers while improving website performance.

This fully scalable product provides you with a dashboard to oversee all threat-related activities from one central location, with automated features designed to save time, effort, and money. Furthermore, they offer 24×7 technical support via email, phone, and chat for peace of mind.

Fortinet FortiWeb

FortiWeb web application firewall platform safeguards Internet-facing data and assists organizations with meeting compliance requirements. Featuring an advanced dual-layer ML-based behavioral detection engine and vulnerability scanner to offer protection from OWASP Top 10 attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injection as well as an anomaly detection engine which monitors requests originating outside normal patterns, FortiWeb provides maximum Internet data security protection that helps ensure compliance requirements are met.

Not just another signature-based WAF, this solution provides comprehensive protection with a single security model to allow quick deployment of web apps without concerns for security gaps in public clouds and protect against various threats like DDoS attacks and botnets.

At its core is an intelligent WAF using traditional WAF detection engines such as attack signatures, IP reputation services and protocol validation to identify malicious traffic. Furthermore, an continuously updated application model helps detect and block anomalous behavior.

Akamai Kona Site Defender

Akamai Kona Site Defender provides web security monitoring, adaptive rate controls and DDoS protection in one package, helping reduce costs associated with large attacks.

Monitoring traffic from IP addresses and compiling statistics about them allows customers to block them if they behave maliciously – for instance by making too many requests per second or creating too many origin errors. The system also filters out IPs with high request rates but aren’t doing anything bad such as large enterprise proxies.

F5 advanced WAF offers behavioral analysis, proactive bot defense and application layer encryption all in a single solution. Plus it features an ROI estimator so you can estimate the savings this technology could bring your business.